Nokia sold four.four million smartphones in This autumn 2017, surpasses OnePlus, Google and others

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Nokia sold four.four million smartphones in This autumn 2017, surpasses OnePlus, Google and others


A revised chronicle from Counterpoint states that HMD Global has oversubscribed four.four meg smartphones in This season 2017. Counterpoint analyst, Neil Shah, took to Twitter to deal that the 1% mart deal of Nokia locations it clean precise relationship expose the Top 10. 

The four.four meg hold locations Nokia on the 11th location within the itemize of firms with rattling most applicatory mart share. This additionally grouping that Nokia oversubscribed player telephones within the test lodge than a modify of mixed in call manufacturers. Some of the pivotal firms that oversubscribed lesser smartphones that Nokia are — Google, HTC, Sony, Alcatel, Lenovo, OnePlus, Gionee, Meizu, Coolpad and Asus.

In digit amongst his Tweets, Neil states that Nokia is at sort threesome within the UK for This season and among the some counsel 5 in Russia, warfare and numerous Center Japanese markets. Fascinated with that Nokia is beatific an assemblage outdated-current acquirable within the market, it’s a dripless resurgence.

No individual clean precise smartphones, still Nokia’s clean cancellated sound drawing obtain viewed a ascending oblige as effectively. The joint has modify into the honcho within the portion by promoting 20.7 meg devices, in gift to digit another Counterpoint chronicle. Furthermore, Nokia captured the ordinal expanse in amount cancellated sound understanding (smartphone + clean cancellated phone) with 5% of mart share.

To rating, the Nokia 6 was launched in Bharat move hold in June 2017 in union with the Nokia 5 and Nokia three. The threesome telephones from HMD Global obtain been adoptive by the Nokia octad and Nokia 2, which obtain been free after that year. 

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Nokia sold four.four million smartphones in This autumn 2017, surpasses OnePlus, Google and others

Nokia sold four.four million smartphones in This autumn 2017, surpasses OnePlus, Google and others

Nokia sold four.four million smartphones in This autumn 2017, surpasses OnePlus, Google and others

2017, autumn, google, hackers, million, nokia, oneplus, smartphones, sold, tech, technology
2017, autumn, google, hackers, million, nokia, oneplus, smartphones, sold, tech, technology

These Publishers Sold Thousands and 1000’s Of Web location Visits They Later Stumbled on Out Were False

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These Publishers Sold Thousands and 1000’s Of Web location Visits They Later Stumbled on Out Were False


This flavour season,, a content orientating that’s upraised higher than $35 meg in resource from excessive-profile customers, printed a accord of articles in an underway program most how corporations and entrepreneurs are hunt to be a pleasant push of their communities. The inform touchable restricted into erst created as a idea of a partnership with JPMorgan Drag, whose listing appears on apiece and every article.

The reports perceived to be a Brobdingnagian hit: Between Could presumably additionally and October, the hardback inform touchable hierarchical amongst Oz.’s most-considered articles, per reciprocation recordsdata from analytics assist SimilarWeb.

It’s the modify of success a house and listing would possess an best happening — another than that the resistless eld of reciprocation to the articles restricted into erst the actuality is fake, per name business standards. These reports, as substantially to heterogeneous Oz. articles that carried adverts from Amazon and Visa, got reciprocation that restricted into erst bought and delivered finished a organisation that robotically hundreds definitive webpages and redirects reciprocation between collaborating plot pages to apace demolition up views with hour manlike action.

JPMorgan told BuzzFeed Files it had no instrument its hardback inform touchable restricted into erst receiving paying reciprocation from the supplying in ask, and Oz. expressed it believed the audience restricted into erst legit when it bought it. Oz. has since told the business hospital that the resulting reciprocation restricted into erst no individual counted as a idea of the business and marketing campaign.

“We’re sacred to most wonderful employed with enlightening and ticket-real publishers, and we don’t verify this activity of abstract calmly,” Erich Timmerman, a JPMorgan spokesperson, told BuzzFeed Files.

The incident is the most equal essay at the roots of a crisis of hit certainty in online publishing. Blue-chip advertisers an crescendo activity of uncertainty whether their online name outlay reaches constant audiences, and JPMorgan specially has condemned steps to category manifest its adverts most wonderful seem on good plot pages. But modify good plot pages newest dangers.

Working in cooperation with advert-fraud consultancy Social Puncher, BuzzFeed Files identified individual heterogeneous enlightening publishers who also got the a kindred uncollectible reciprocation precise finished a a kindred timeframe as Oz.. They acceptation Comical or Die, a recording comedy orientating essentially supported by person Will Ferrell and individual tone producers; Neighborhood Newspaper Holdings Inc., a house of autochthonous newspapers in higher than 20 states, which receives the reciprocation as a idea of a face recording consort Tout; Bustle Digital Community, a hasty-growing digital house centralised on teen ladies; and PCMag, the undefendable technology newsletter. All another than CNHI divulge they’ve obstructed the hit of the reciprocation in ask.

The audience substance organisation utilised by these publishers restricted into erst prototypal careful in an October BuzzFeed Files investigation that publicised how subdomains on Myspace and higher than a cardinal banknote production plot pages happiness to GateHouse Media generated large portions of play recording views and name impressions. (Each corporations blamed partners who operated the sinning subdomains and expressed they didn’t earnings from faux views or adverts. They closed downbound the subdomains.)

How the organisation generates reciprocation finished redirects between plot pages.

An estimated $sixteen 1000000000 module ostensibly be forfeited to name humbug this year, and a primary swing of that crapper give to criminals who hit bots and heterogeneous sensational organisation to draw change discover of the digital name ecosystem. But this status presentations how legit publishers advance to humbug after they knowingly or unknowingly hit uncollectible reciprocation and heterogeneous base organisation to amend their audiences and enlarge name earnings.

“Illegitimate reciprocation sourcing occurs when a house pays a reciprocation vendor for a mounted assorted of visits to their plot sites,” expressed a newest albescent essay most name humbug printed by the Alliance for Audited Media, a no longer-for-earnings media auditing organization. “Publishers veritably acquire reciprocation at the cease of the period or lodge to ‘kind its numbers.’ Web place visitors sellers veritably prospect the house that the reciprocation is manlike and strength presumably perhaps presumably give finished every name humbug spotting filters.”

Bought a counsel most name fraud? That you meet strength telecommunicate To listing structure to find us securely, give to

Within the housing of Oz., it thence told JPMorgan it utilised the paying reciprocation to verify a essay at to amend an telecommunicate subscription list, per a substance with noesis of conversations between the companies.

BuzzFeed Files armored Oz. with a careful itemize of questions, as substantially to recording grounds displaying how JPMorgan articles, as substantially to heterogeneous inform touchable that includes crowning collection name items from Amazon and Visa, possess been receiving faux traffic. The consort responded with an emailed statement.

“We’re continuously attempting discover equal structure to assets our good inform touchable with contemporary, crowning collection audiences. Unfortunately, our digital ecosystem harbors audience sources that don’t continuously sound OZY’s target, and in whatever cases, inform habits that is no individual official,” the evidence stated. “We are consistently monitoring our accord for faux job, and direct impression whatever reciprocation sources that crapper cheapen OZY and our partnerships.”

The evidence concluded, “We are chesty to consistently overdeliver for our business and marketing partners every the organisation in which finished platforms, and it goes without pronouncing that our partners most wonderful clear for crowning calibre offer.”

As with Myspace, GateHouse, and Oz., every publishers contacted by BuzzFeed Files expressed they had no instrument there possess been points with the reciprocation in ask, and that it restricted into erst deemed actual by heterogeneous 1/three-birthday band substantiation corporations. Some publishers ceased the hit of the reciprocation after discovering discover the BuzzFeed Files article that publicised its origins, the organisation generating processed redirects, and the actuality that substantiation consort DoubleVerify deemed it faux after a careful investigation. Earlier than that, it appears the publishers did no individual analyse the first of the reciprocation they sourced for his or her plot pages.

Mike Zaneis leads the Suited Accountability Community, an name business start to fisticuffs fraud. He expressed a house is in the want accountable for what occurs on their location, they veritably staleness ingest existent cod travail and monitoring.

“Publishers possess a responsibility precise here to recording exhibit their plot pages. Even as you become to obtain disorderly spikes in reciprocation reaching from unknown locations, or at unknown conditions, you’ve got gotten a responsibility there,” he told BuzzFeed Files.

Sourcing reciprocation from ScreenRush

Oz. displays every of the hallmarks of a crowning collection digital publisher. But alongside with the base reciprocation feat to JPMorgan’s and heterogeneous inform material, recordsdata from SimilarWeb presentations Oz. today oversubscribed a assets of its audience from low-advantageous sources, together with name networks that pore on pop-under application habitation windows that are unsealed on customers as they handle over with heterogeneous plot pages.

Oz. employs journalists to uprise inform touchable and says on its plot sites that it reaches an variety of 40 meg folks a period finished assorted channels. Files from Quantcast, a assist Oz. makes hit of to manoeuvre its traffic, says its plot sites reaches 2.5 meg folks per month. Oz. also entireness with partners to gangland its inform touchable and produces a TV saucer to for PBS, amongst heterogeneous non-web-basically supported mostly efforts. The PBS saucer to is hosted by Oz. cofounder Carlos Watson, a noncurrent CNN author and MSNBC patron who had a noncurrent activity as an entrepreneur.

Oz.’s customers acceptation Silicon Valley luminaries Laurene statesman Jobs, Daffo Conway, and king Drummond, a grownup evilness chair of Alphabet, Google’s ascendant or tending company. Oz. also got a $20 meg investment from Teutonic media corp Axel Springer in 2014. Earlier this assemblage it upraised an boost $10 meg from GSV Capital Corp.

Just a whatever months after approaching its newest financing, started receiving a primary enlarge in screen company. Between June and October, roughly 2 meg visits came from domains linked to a consort titled ScreenRush, per SimilarWeb. This reciprocation restricted into erst despatched to definitive articles on Oz., whatever of which possess been a idea of the JPMorgan-backed inform touchable business and marketing campaign. Other articles receiving visits finished ScreenRush displayed primary recording name items from Amazon and Visa, per recording compiled by advert-fraud consultancy Social Puncher. (BuzzFeed Files contacted Visa and Amazon for enunciate but did no individual obtain a answer.)

The utilization of SimilarWeb, BuzzFeed Files examined essentially the most-widespread inform touchable on Oz. between June and Oct and settled that octad of the 10 most-widespread article pages got the resistless eld of their visits the hit of URLs that attributed the reciprocation to ScreenRush. For happening (emphasis added):

This restricted into erst also the housing for an article on Oz. cursive by the maximal of concept brass for JPMorgan Drag World Staunch Property. These ScreenRush URLs accounted for when it comes to every reciprocation to the JPMorgan-backed inform material.

Vlad Shevtsov, administrator of investigations for Social Puncher, expressed his gathering qualified habits on Oz. that saw ScreenRush alluviation and exist on a tender for cardinal seconds rather than the organisation robotically redirected to the incoming field in the scheme.

“Here’s no individual impalpable Negro prefabricated traffic, precise a dulled planning script,” he expressed in an email. “The field communicate most these visits desires to be, How is it modify ostensibly that consort went to heterogeneous ScreenRush computer plot pages if Oz.’s pages possess no instruction to whatever of these heterogeneous plot pages?

As careful in the noncurrent BuzzFeed investigation, the reciprocation ScreenRush despatched to publishers mostly originated from a accord of higher than 20 plot pages that meaning to be online arcades. These plot pages every hit the a kindred category model and had their domains qualified every the organisation in which in the instruction of the a kindred time. The construction plot pages also possess when it comes to a kindred reciprocation patterns, as they are redirecting the a kindred audience amongst them rather than expiration it alongside to domains owned by ScreenRush — which, in flip, sends the reciprocation to house purchasers. (This category of redirecting reciprocation finished domains to fog its origins restricted into erst careful in a player newest BuzzFeed Files fable.)

Separate investigations by DoubleVerify and Social Puncher both manifest the reciprocation reaching from ScreenRush meets business definitions for invalid, faux traffic. They qualified processed redirects existence ended in by ScreenRush’s cipher with hour manlike state on the page, as substantially to the proximity of a unify of recording players employed concurrently.

“You’ve bought plot pages that are effort whatever activity of incoming reciprocation and then this begins a wheel of autoplaying videos with name pages new and erst in a whereas redirecting to heterogeneous pages,” Roy Rosenfeld, DoubleVerify’s evilness chair of creation administration, early told BuzzFeed Files.

In expanse of the hit of recording players to create name impressions, ScreenRush reciprocation restricted into erst directed to Oz. pages that possess been a idea of definitive campaigns. A representative for DoubleVerify told BuzzFeed Files it identified uncollectible reciprocation and name impressions on a assets of Oz.’s customers precise in the instruction of the size the orientating got ScreenRush traffic.

Daniel Aharonoff, the distributed trainer of ScreenRush, disputed the conclusions of DoubleVerify and Social Puncher, and the news of BuzzFeed Files. He expressed the reciprocation reaching finished his organisation passes the filters of a unify of verifications corporations and is thence manlike and legit.

“In every cases, the reciprocation is pre-screened by the advert-verification assist chosen by the advertiser, and desires to be underway as legit in instruct to be delivered, so neither I nor whatever of the purchasers had whatever causative to envisage the reciprocation wasn’t legit, at the small unless your article came discover pronouncing that DV had a crisp idea on manifest wage partners,” he expressed in an email.

He expressed the redirects qualified by DoubleVerify and Social Puncher (as shown in the above video) are literally the implications of an staunch-time invitation instruction of that determines which orientating the reciprocation goes to next, and that the inform touchable is shown to engaged, manlike customers.

“We today possess a arrange of systems that indorse us that wage is reaching from ‘staunch humans’ and that the inform touchable brainstorm undergo is in fat ‘viewability,’” he stated. “Inherently this organisation if a ‘user’ desires to attain your nous up discover they are healthy to ‘simply’ closed the application pane that is newest.”

Aharonoff offered a daylong telecommunicate salutation and his defence of the employ shown in the Social Puncher video. It staleness be feature in fat right here. He also expressed BuzzFeed Files and DoubleVerify are unfairly concentrating on his company.

“That you meet strength modify rattling modishly be managing higher than the rest to appall partners with this signifier analyse by DV which is scarce ever the business standard,” Aharonoff stated. He additional that DoubleVerify is “clearly pains for connexion in a mart submissive by their set opponents same to Moat & IAS amongst individual others together with assorted equal entrants in the market.”

Moat did no individual respond to questions from BuzzFeed Files most ScreenRush traffic, but did inform that a web sites linked to Aharonoff’s consort wrong claims it’s a Moat buyer. IAS also expressed its listing restricted into erst improperly traded on that location. It also expressed it flagged individual domains utilised by ScreenRush to intend reciprocation to purchasers for “excessive listing possibility.”

Oz. obstructed employed direct with ScreenRush at the cease of October. The mass month, the orientating old a primary start in screen referral traffic, per SimilarWeb. With ScreenRush daylong previous, Oz.’s Nov reciprocation sources desegrated name networks that pore on promoting reciprocation generated finished pop-under habitation windows, per SimilarWeb. These habitation windows begin at the abet of the field shopping pane as a individual accesses the desirable inform material. Publishers clear to possess their inform touchable unexploded on this pop-under pane in the wish that the individual module at test obtain it. A newest BuzzFeed Files fable careful how this modify of low-advantageous reciprocation is ofttimes “laundered” finished heterogeneous domains rather than success up on mainstream plot pages.

Oz. did no individual respond to a communicate in regards to the utilization of pop-unders to create traffic. It also didn’t enunciate on the actuality that unless Nov it restricted into erst also shopping for audience finished, a reciprocation substance that Social Puncher investigated and settled to be promoting simulated reciprocation to a heterogeneity of publishers.

Comical or Die and heterogeneous plot pages bought traffic, too

At the a kindred happening ScreenRush reciprocation restricted into erst liquid to Oz., it restricted into erst also existence directed to pages on that featured branded inform touchable for purchasers same to KFC and Showtime.

Between July and October, SimilarWeb presentations got closed to 900,000 screen visits finished ScreenRush. The comedy orientating restricted into erst also a longtime purchaser of reciprocation from, the extremely venture substance that restricted into erst also utilised by Oz.. Forensiq, an advert-fraud spotting firm, told BuzzFeed Files it perceived unrestrained ranges of apelike reciprocation on over the flavour season.

In distinction with questions most its hit of ScreenRush and, Comical or Die’s nous of open family, Carolyn Prousky, despatched an telecommunicate statement.

“As presently as we unconcealed there possess been discrepancies between our substantiation substance and digit another writing we interrupted the assist as a precaution, though it restricted into erst unruffled expiration heterogeneous ordinal date band substantiation sources as legit,” she stated.

Prousky did no individual respond to a apply-up communicate in regards to the utilization of ScreenRush reciprocation on branded business and marketing crusade pages., which is owned by Bustle Digital Media, also cited “discrepancies” as a causative for halting a verify a countenance at of ScreenRush traffic.

A consort representative expressed ScreenRush reciprocation wasn’t registering successfully in digit of the most important positioning’s analytics systems, so they obstructed the hit of the traffic. Earlier than Romper interrupted ScreenRush at the cease of September, it restricted into erst accountable for higher than ninety% of the positioning’s screen referral reciprocation precise in the instruction of the verify a countenance at, per SimilarWeb.

One house that continues to obtain ScreenRush reciprocation is CNHI, which owns higher than a hundred instance newspapers in the US. It partnered with Tout to wage recording on its plot pages, and Tout sources whatever reciprocation from ScreenRush for these videos.

Trinh Bui, Tout’s evilness chair of computer companies and products, told BuzzFeed Files that ScreenRush reciprocation continues to give 1/three-birthday band reciprocation filters. He expressed Tout overturned soured digit reciprocation substance in the consequence of the BuzzFeed Files story most Myspace and GateHouse after it examined unrestrained for uncollectible traffic.

As for the proximity of processed redirects and a unify of recording players on the page, Bui stated, “We discourse the individual to possess a assorted to countenance videos or opening the recording undergo after they need. When points are flagged by partners or customers, we direct analyse the points and impact to cipher them as apace as seemingly.”

CNHI did no individual respond to a communicate of for pronounce.

A test striking house that in brief utilised ScreenRush is All over its origin news on ScreenRush, BuzzFeed Files armored a itemize of ScreenRush domains to theologist Fou, an nonracist advert-fraud researcher, so he strength presumably perhaps presumably category an appraise of the organisation on his have. (He united with the conclusions of DoubleVerify and Social Puncher that the ScreenRush organisation generated faux views and impressions.)

After clicking on an unconnected name on a orientating in the ScrenRush scheme, Fou apace institute his application existence redirected to an article tender on That tender started weight and reloading what Fou titled “a the actuality is vindictive arrange of redirects.” He qualified the habits in a recording he uploaded to YouTube.

BuzzFeed Files mutual the recording with PCMag at the time.

“We’re attractive this rattling seriously and possess paused the ScreenRush verify a countenance at, as we habits a deeper investigation,” a PCMag representative wrote in a advise begin armored to BuzzFeed Files. “PCMag has most wonderful today and the actuality is meagrely been attempting discover inform touchable advice companies and products, which signify modification than 1% of our traffic.”

When told of PCMag’s evidence and the employ that ended in it, Aharonoff restricted into erst nonplussed.

“Or no individual it’s jinxed that [they] took that space,” he expressed in an email. “They onboarded, asked for KPIs we specially delivered on which is the [time on site] you exactly saw. They are decorous in that their acquire restricted into erst rattling insignificant, plenteous so that you meet crapper acquire my meal at a no individual so verify tending of clean restaurant.”

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These Publishers Sold Thousands and 1000’s Of Web location Visits They Later Stumbled on Out Were False

These Publishers Sold Thousands and 1000’s Of Web location Visits They Later Stumbled on Out Were False

These Publishers Sold Thousands and 1000’s Of Web location Visits They Later Stumbled on Out Were False

1000s, false, hackers, location, publishers, sold, stumbled, tech, technology, thousands, web
1000s, false, hackers, location, publishers, sold, stumbled, tech, technology, thousands, web

The 265 participants of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how unparalleled it cost to clutch them

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The 265 participants of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how unparalleled it cost to clutch them


Republicans in legislature factual voted to alter a occasion FCC concealment rule that opens the entranceway for ISPs to encourage client recordsdata. Lawmakers supplied no plausible think of this existence within the plaything of dweller citizens, excluding for unclear platitudes most “person selection” and “free markets,” as if customers on the compassionateness of their autochthonous scheme monopoly are craving to take their scheme story quietly oversubscribed to entrepreneurs and some another 0.33 occasion nimble to pay.

The large individuals that materialize to want this are the contributors which would be feat to uprise thousands money from it. (Hint: they impact for firms love Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T.) Incidentally, these individuals and their firms mechanically provide thousands money to participants of Congress.

So here’s a checklist of the lawmakers who voted to delude you, and what turn of money they got from the medium business in their stylish election cycle.

Inform on the recordsdata below: donations exist of contributions from firms within the medium business and employees of these firms (particular mortal and non-particular mortal contributions). The large donors are typically firms which contributed assets to the politician and / or the candidate’s direction methodicalness (PAC). All figures simplest mirror donations tallied for the candidate’s stylish election — some take got full sums unparalleled large than the end mirrored over the line of their affirmation in Congress. Figures are from federal election recordsdata compiled by the National Institute on Money in Impart Politics (

Additionally, it’s field to pass conceal that the subject business is with discover a uncertainty digit of the essential saint lobbying groups in US history; scheme suppliers and the ambulatory sound firms rather than them are disreputable for spreading riches in every places in the aisle. Regardless, digit occasion looks player semiconscious of the industry’s demands.

US Senate

Alexander, Lamar Republican TN $86,four hundred
Barrasso, John Republican WY $sixty three,000
Blunt, Roy Republican MO $185,550
Boozman, John Republican AR $fifty six,450
Burr, Richard Republican NC $fifty eight,500
Capito, Shelley Republican WV $24,675
Cassidy, Invoice Republican LA $34,909
Cochran, Thad Republican MS $123,750
Collins, Susan Republican ME $fifty seven,550
Corker, Bob Republican TN $Forty three,600
Cornyn, John Republican TX $148,800
Cotton, Tom Republican AR $70,025
Crapo, Mike Republican ID $11,000
Cruz, Ted Republican TX $40,840
Daines, Steve Republican MT $38,700
Enzi, Mike Republican WY $Forty five,a hundred
Ernst, Joni Republican IA $28,200
Fischer, Debra Republican NE $21,850
Flake, Jeff Republican AZ $27,955
Gardner, Cory Republican CO $Ninety five,023
Graham, Lindsey Republican SC $seventy four,522
Grassley, Chuck Republican IA $100 cardinal five,125
Hatch, Orrin Republican UT $106,750
Heller, Dean Republican NV $seventy eight,950
Hoeven, John Republican ND $25,800
Inhofe, Jim Republican OK $38,000
Johnson, Ron Republican WI $123,652
Kennedy, John Republican LA $1,000
Lankford, James Republican OK $21,000
Lee, Mike Republican UT $60,913
McCain, John Republican AZ $Eighty four,125
McConnell, Mitch Republican KY $251,110
Moran, Jerry Republican KS $a cardinal thirty,950
Murkowski, Lisa Republican AK $Sixty six,250
Perdue, David Republican GA $37,000
Portman, Blueprint shut Republican OH $89,350
Risch, Jim Republican ID $27,000
Roberts, Pat Republican KS $a hundred,200
Rounds, Mike Republican SD $40,166
Rubio, Marco Republican FL $75,535
Sasse, Benjamin Republican NE $31,800
Scott, Tim Republican SC $60,200
Shelby, Richard Republican AL $27,000
Queer, Luther Republican AL $0*
Sullivan, Daniel Republican AK $10,550
Thune, John Republican SD $215,000
Tillis, Thom Republican NC $forty one,220
Toomey, Patrick Republican PA $143,456
Wicker, Roger Republican MS $151,800
Younger, Todd Republican IN $28,670

*Senator Queer was erst ordained to legislature in Feb 2017 to assume Attorney Unheard of Jeff Sessions’ seat.

US Home of Representatives

Abraham, Ralph Republican LA fifth $5,750
Aderholt, Robert Republican AL 4th $26,500
Allen, Rick Republican GA twelfth $9,500
Amodei, Ticket Republican NV 2nd $22,000
Arrington, Jodey Republican TX nineteenth $eight,450
Babin, Brian Republican TX 36th $eight,000
Beaverbrook, Donald Republican NE 2nd $7,000
Banks, Jim Republican IN 3rd $12,a hundred
Barletta, Lou Republican PA Eleventh $14,700
Barr, Andy Republican KY sixth $28,four hundred
Barton, Joe Republican TX sixth $39,750
Bergman, Jack Republican MI 1st $21,200
Biggs, Andy Republican AZ fifth $5,000
Bilirakis, Gus Republican FL twelfth $55,000
Bishop, Mike Republican MI eighth $40,500
Bishop, Blueprint shut Republican UT 1st $5,500
Sad, Diane Republican TN sixth $27,750
Blackburn, Marsha Republican TN 7th $Eighty four,000
Blum, Rodney Republican IA 1st $5,500
Bost, Mike Republican IL twelfth $29,750
Brady, Kevin Republican TX eighth $20,000
Brat, David Republican VA 7th $6,000
Bridenstine, Jim Republican OK 1st $1,000
Brooks, Susan Republican IN fifth $forty four,300
Buchanan, Vern Republican FL Sixteenth $18,900
Buck, Ken Republican CO 4th $15,750
Bucshon, Larry Republican IN eighth $33,000
Budd, Theodore Republican NC 13th $10,000
Burgess, Michael Republican TX Twenty sixth $39,500
Byrne, Bradley Republican AL 1st $17,500
Calvert, Ken Republican CA Forty second $12,000
Carter, Buddy Republican GA 1st $12,250
Carter, John Republican TX thirty first $22,500
Chabot, Steven Republican OH 1st $25,500
Chaffetz, Jason Republican UT 3rd $38,a hundred
Cheney, Liz Republican WY 1st $18,four hundred
Cole, Tom Republican OK 4th $14,000
Collins, Doug Republican GA 9th $Forty two,850
Collins, Chris Republican NY 27th $fifty seven,500
Comer, James Republican KY 1st $14,750
Comstock, Barbara Republican VA tenth $fifty six,457
Conaway, Mike Republican TX Eleventh $18,500
Cook dinner, Paul Republican CA eighth $15,000
Costello, Ryan Republican PA sixth $38,750
Cramer, Kevin Republican ND 1st $Seventy one,750
Crawford, Eric Republican AR 1st $9,000
Culberson, John Republican TX 7th $eight,000
Curbelo, Carlos Republican FL Twenty sixth $Forty five,700
Davis, Rodney Republican IL 13th $49,000
Denham, Jeffrey Republican CA tenth $forty seven,000
Dent, Charles Republican PA fifteenth $25,200
DeSantis, Ron Republican FL sixth $21,634
DesJarlais, Scott Republican TN 4th $three,000
Diaz-Balart, Mario Republican FL Twenty fifth $26,500
Donovan, Daniel Republican NY Eleventh $sixteen,000
Duncan, Jeff Republican SC 3rd $12,610
Dunn, Neal Republican FL 2nd $13,750
Emmer, Thomas Republican MN sixth $18,500
Farenthold, Blake Republican TX 27th $19,000
Ferguson, Anderson Republican GA 3rd $7,000
Fitzpatrick, Brian** Republican PA eighth $32,600
Fleischmann, Chuck Republican TN 3rd $18,000
Flores, Invoice Republican TX seventeenth $40,500
Fortenberry, Jeff Republican NE 1st $three,500
Foxx, Virginia Republican NC fifth $13,250
Franks, Trent Republican AZ eighth $sixteen,500
Frelinghuysen, Rodney Republican NJ Eleventh $55,456
Gaetz, Matt Republican FL 1st $7,000
Gallagher, Mike Republican WI eighth $sixteen,019
Garrett, Tom* Republican VA fifth $three,250
Gibbs, Robert Republican OH 7th $eight,000
Gohmert, Louie Republican TX 1st $eight,000
Goodlatte, Bob Republican VA sixth $seventy three,950
Gosar, Paul Republican AZ 4th $2,000
Gowdy, Harold Republican SC 4th $15,750
Granger, Kay Republican TX twelfth $15,000
Graves, John Republican GA 14th $34,000
Graves, Sam Republican MO sixth $31,000
Griffith, Tim Republican AR 2nd $sixteen,915
Griffith, Morgan Republican VA 9th $36,500
Grothman, Glenn Republican WI sixth $10,600
Guthrie, Steven Republican KY 2nd $eighty one,500
Harper, Gregg Republican MS 3rd $33,800
Harriis, Andy Republican MD 1st $three,000
Hartzler, Vicki Republican MO 4th $10,500
Hensarling, Jeb Republican TX fifth $10,000
Hice, Jody Republican GA tenth $6,000
Higgins, Clay Republican LA 3rd $300
Keeping, George Republican NC 2nd $31,a hundred
Hollingsworth, Trey Republican IN 9th $10,000
Hudson, Richard Republican NC eighth $Forty five,four hundred
Huizenga, Invoice Republican MI 2nd $7,500
Hultgreen, Randy Republican IL 14th $10,000
Hunter, Duncan Republican CA Fiftieth $19,000
Hurd, William Republican TX twenty 0.33 $sixty three,000
Issa, Darrell Republican CA forty ninth $Sixty six,275
Jenkins, Lynn Republican KS 2nd $34,750
Jenkins, Evan Republican WV 3rd $10,000
Johnson, Invoice Republican OH sixth $fifty six,500
Johnson, Sam Republican TX 3rd $sixteen,700
Jordan, James Republican OH 4th $24,750
Joyce, David Republican OH 14th $sixteen,500
Katko, John Republican NY twenty fourth $32,250
Kelly, Trent Republican MS 1st $three,300
Kelly, Mike Republican PA 3rd $34,700
King, Steve Republican IA 4th $20,500
King, Peter Republican NY 2nd $9,000
Kinzinger, Adam Republican IL Sixteenth $75,250
Knight, Steve Republican CA Twenty fifth $32,500
Kustoff, David Republican TN eighth $sixteen,300
Labrador, Raul Republican ID 1st $10,000
LaHood, Darin Republican IL 18th $15,500
LaMalfa, Doug Republican CA 1st $5,000
Lamborn, Doug Republican CO fifth $28,four hundred
Lance, Leonard Republican NJ 7th $Forty three,000
Latta, Bob Republican OH fifth $Ninety one,000
Lewis, Jason Republican MN 2nd $10,500
LoBiondo, Frank Republican NJ 2nd $14,500
Long, Billy Republican MO 7th $fifty seven,250
Loudermilk, Barry Republican GA Eleventh $eight,000
Love, Mia Republican UT 4th $sixteen,500
Lucas, Frank Republican OK 3rd $14,500
Luetkemeyer, Blaine Republican MO 3rd $21,000
MacArthur, Tom Republican NJ 3rd $19,000
Marchant, Kenny Republican TX twenty fourth $12,000
Marshall, Roger Republican KS 1st $20,500
Massie, Thomas Republican KY 4th $2,750
Mast, Brian Republican FL 18th $10,500
McCarthy, Kevin Republican CA twenty 0.33 $ninety nine,a hundred
McCaul, Michael Republican TX tenth $37,200
McHenry, Patrick Republican NC tenth $51,000
McKinley, David Republican WV 1st $24,500
McSally, Martha Republican AZ 2nd $40,500
Meadows, Ticket Republican NC Eleventh $4,000
Meehan, Patrick Republican PA 7th $sixty four,200
Messer, Luke Republican IN sixth $18,750
Mitchell, Paul** Republican MI tenth $10,000
McMorris-Rogers, Cathy** Republican WA fifth $75,900
Moolenaar, John Republican MI 4th $12,500
Mooney, Alexander Republican WV 2nd $6,000
Mullin, Markwayne Republican OK 2nd $forty seven,250
Murphy, Timothy Republican PA 18th $26,000
Newhouse, Daniel Republican WA 4th $10,000
Noem, Kristi Republican SD 1st $38,200
Nunes, Devin Republican CA twenty second $37,750
Olson, Pete Republican TX twenty second $fifty seven,500
Palazzo, Steven Republican MS 4th $11,a hundred
Palmer, Gary Republican AL sixth $2,000
Paulsen, Erik Republican MN 3rd $50,500
Pearce, Steve Republican NM 2nd $20,four hundred
Perry, Scott Republican PA 4th $17,000
Poe, Ted Republican TX 2nd $23,000
Poliquin, Bruce Republican ME 2nd $forty seven,500
Posey, Invoice Republican FL eighth $three,000
Ratcliffe, John Republican TX 4th $24,500
Reed, Thomas Republican NY twenty 0.33 $31,500
Renacci, Jim Republican OH Sixteenth $forty eight,000
Rice, Hugh Republican SC 7th $18,500
Roby, Martha Republican AL 2nd $33,200
Roe, Phil Republican TN 1st $500
Rogers, Mike Republican AL 3rd $25,000
Rogers, Hal Republican KY fifth $12,500
Rohrabacher, Dana Republican CA forty eighth $1,350
Rokita, Todd Republican IN 4th $20,200
Rooney, Laurence Republican FL nineteenth $sixteen,625
Rooney, Tom Republican FL seventeenth $19,000
Roskam, Peter Republican IL sixth $33,600
Ross, Dennis Republican FL fifteenth $17,000
Rothfus, Keith Republican PA twelfth $30,900
Rouzer, David Republican NC 7th $15,000
Royce, Edward Republican CA Thirty ninth $14,000
Russell, Steven Republican OK fifth $sixteen,450
Rutherford, John Republican FL 4th $6,000
Scalise, Steve Republican LA 1st $121,750
Schweikert, David Republican AZ sixth $4,000
Scott, James Republican GA eighth $6,000
Sensenbrenner, Jim Republican WI fifth $30,000
Sessions, Pete Republican TX Thirty second $40,four hundred
Shimkus, John Republican IL fifteenth $104,425
Shuster, Invoice Republican PA 9th $35,500
Smith, Jason Republican MO eighth $forty seven,500
Smith, Adrian Republican NE 3rd $28,500
Smith, Christopher Republican NJ 4th $6,000
Smith, Lamar Republican TX twenty first $fifty six,200
Smucker, Lloyd Republican PA Sixteenth $eight,000
Stewart, Chris Republican UT 2nd $12,500
Stivers, Steve Republican OH fifteenth $27,000
Taylor, Scott** Republican VA 2nd $14,000
Tenney, Claudia Republican NY twenty second $eight,500
Thompson, Glenn Republican PA fifth $sixteen,500
Thornberry, Mac Republican TX 13th $32,025
Tiberi, Patrick Republican OH twelfth $fifty three,250
Tipton, Scott Republican CO 3rd $23,500
Trott, Dave Republican MI Eleventh $12,500
Turner, Mike Republican OH tenth $6,000
Upton, Fred Republican MI sixth $108,250
Valadao, David Republican CA twenty first $37,four hundred
Wagner, Ann Republican MO 2nd $Forty five,750
Walberg, Timothy Republican MI 7th $38,500
Walden, Gregory Republican OR 2nd $155,a hundred
Walker, Bradley Republican NC sixth $sixteen,750
Walorski, Jackie Republican IN 2nd $21,250
Walters, Mimi Republican CA Forty fifth $forty seven,450
Weber, Randy Republican TX 14th $4,000
Webster, Daniel Republican FL Eleventh $2,500
Wenstrup, Brad Republican OH 2nd $9,four hundred
Westerman, Bruce Republican AR 4th $11,000
Williams, Roger Republican TX Twenty fifth $5,500
Wilson, Joe Republican SC 2nd $11,500
Wittman, Blueprint shut Republican VA 1st $11,050
Womack, Steve Republican AR 3rd $15,500
Woodall, Blueprint shut Republican GA 7th $9,250
Yoho, Ted Republican FL: 3rd $4,000
Younger, Don Republican AK 1st $28,650
Younger, David Republican IA 3rd $forty one,750

*Files for this allegoric obtained from the Colony Public Get precise of entry to Mission.
**Files for this allegoric obtained from Originate Secrets.

Correction: A older edition of this memoir wrong identified histrion Garrett (RNJ) as a Certain vote. Unfortunately for Mr. Garrett, he was erst voted discover of legislature in 2016. The bonny Garrett is blackamoor Garrett of Virginia. We definitive feel for the error.

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The 265 participants of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how unparalleled it cost to clutch them

The 265 participants of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how unparalleled it cost to clutch them

The 265 participants of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how unparalleled it cost to clutch them

congress, hackers, participants, sold, tech, technology
congress, hackers, participants, sold, tech, technology